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Taiwan Quest Apprenticeship

About Me

I’ve been attending First Christian Church since birth. While attending Ozark Christian College, God opened my eyes to His goodness and softened my heart for the unreached. As I sought God's guidance, He guided me towards evangelistic missions among the unreached in Taiwan with the organization Team Expansion. I am now a part of their Quest Apprenticeship program, and I will be departing for Taichung, Taiwan on December 15th to join their team in spreading the Gospel.

About the people

Taiwan is an island located southeast of China. The nation is very developed, and the people highly value education, family, and hospitality. The team I will be joining is located in Taichung, a sub-city of the capitol, Taipei. Buddhist thinking has a strong influence throughout Taiwan. Ancestry worship and familial honor systems are given heavy priority in their culture, thus, accepting Jesus usually leads to a believer being shut out of their past, present, and future family dynamic. For these reasons, the Gospel doesn’t spread easily, but our God is good! Our team is actually the first known evangelistic effort in the area.


  • Pray for the missionaries to hear the Holy Spirit clearly
  • Pray for local believers to be bold in sharing the Gospel
  • Pray for those who are considering Jesus, but scared of losing family.

About Team Expansion's
Quest Apprenticeship Program

Team Expansion, with over 300 missionaries in dozens of unreached cultures, is focused on bringing the Gospel to the unreached areas of the world.

The Quest Apprenticeship Program is a one-year internship  that includes missions training, financial counseling, and pairing the "Quester" with a seasoned missionary team for one year. The goal of the program, is to learn the ropes of missions by joining in the Good work, becoming equipped to live out God's call on the missions field.

What I will be doing


I will be spending part of my time studying Mandarin Chinese in a language school. I’ll also be working with Chris, the leader of our team, who will be teaching me about the culture and taking me to many different places so that I can better understand the people. 

Prayer Walking

A common practice in unreached culture missions is prayer-waking. It consists of walking around neighborhoods, praying for the place, the people, and asking God if there’s anybody He would like us to interact with or serve. This practice is usually where the first interactions with new believers take place.

College Ministry

Most of my personal ministry, apart from Chris, will be taking place on the four nearby college campuses. Fortunately, because I’m a 20-year old peer who is a native English speaker, making friends should be pretty easy, as most students will want to practice their English.

How you can help


My departure is set for early January 2021, so time is of the essence!

I have just $700 more in monthly partnerships before I can depart for Taiwan. I am looking for people to partner with me by contributing monthly gifts to help cover basic living expenses while I'm there so that I can focus all my time on spreading the Gospel.

God has commissioned me to reach the unreached in Taiwan, and He will use His people to make it possible. If you believe that you are one of the ways that God will move His kingdom first in Taiwan, then please consider partnering with me to make the Gospel heard in Taichung, Taiwan.


  • For all of the logistics, visa paperwork, and travel to go smoothly
  • For the people God will lead into my path
  • For my learning of the language and culture
  • For His Kingdom to come on Earth as it is in Heaven

Let's Partner

I would love to connect with you about partnering with the mission.
Please fill out the information below to contact me, or visit my give page on the Team Expansion website by clicking the button below!

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