SOAP Guides



Psalm 5:1-12 (click to read)
- Which emotions that David expresses to God do you relate to?
- How does confidence in God’s goodness help you release “enemies” into his hands?


Psalm 139:19-24  (click to read)
- Is it easier for you to recognize the wickedness in others or in yourself? How do you know?
- If God were to search you for “any offensive way” what would he find? Where would he want to lead you?


1 Corinthians 2:10-16   (click to read)
- Have you experienced a better understanding of God’s Word through the help of the Holy Spirit? If so, describe it? If not, why do you think that is?
- What would keep you from asking the Holy Spirit to give you understanding? (Do it)


Romans 12:1-2   (click to read)
- What is a pattern that “the world” wants you to conform to? How does conforming get in your way to complete sacrificial worship?
- How have you experienced the renewing of your mind (seeing things differently) through God’s word?


James 3:13-18   (click to read)
-How would seeing selfishness as “demonic” (verse 15) help you avoid selfish behavior?
-List the characteristics of heavenly wisdom of verse 17. Circle areas that you are having success and place a box around areas that need improving. What could you do to make some improvements?


Last Sunday's Message

Watch the Sunday message that this week's devotions are based upon.

What is SOAP?

SOAP is a method of interacting with Scripture that helps us listen to God and become more like Jesus. Using a daily journal for your SOAP discoveries is very helpful. Begin by praying that the Holy Spirit will guide your thoughts, help you understand the Scripture you are reading, and apply it to your life.

Scripture – Read the text. You might read through slowly, more than once and in more than one version.

Observation – Write down what you see. What is interesting to you in this Scripture? What did you learn? What is the topic or main idea? What catches your attention?

Application – Look for ways that you can apply the Scripture to your own life. What will it look like to live as if it is true? How will you let it change you? How does it challenge your thoughts, attitudes, behavior?

Prayer – Respond to God in prayer. Use the Scripture to guide you. Prayerfully think about what you read and. Commit to following God’s leading and ask the Holy Spirit to help you live out what you have found.