SOAP Guides



Matthew 20:20-27 (click to read)
- What would appeal to you about being in charge? What does that reveal about your heart?
- Leadership = Influence. How is your influence perceived by others? Bossy or servant-like?


John 13:1-17 (click to read)
- Jesus washed Judas’ feet. How could you serve someone who betrayed you?
- What serving do you feel is beneath you? Would others say the same about you?


I Corinthians 13:1-13 (click to read)
- Which is easier for you to give attention to, developing your abilities or your love for others?
- How does love develop a generous heart and generous living?


James 2:14-26 (click to read)
- In your life how do your faith and your deeds work together?
- What motivates you to serve or give? What role does faith play for you?


Philippians 2:1-11 (click to read)
- Which of the “benefits” in verses 1-2 resonate with you?
- What would living verses 3-4 look like at home right now?
Consider memorizing verses 5-11?

What is SOAP?

SOAP is a method of interacting with Scripture that helps us listen to God and become more like Jesus. Using a daily journal for your SOAP discoveries is very helpful. Begin by praying that the Holy Spirit will guide your thoughts, help you understand the Scripture you are reading, and apply it to your life.

Scripture – Read the text. You might read through slowly, more than once and in more than one version.

Observation – Write down what you see. What is interesting to you in this Scripture? What did you learn? What is the topic or main idea? What catches your attention?

Application – Look for ways that you can apply the Scripture to your own life. What will it look like to live as if it is true? How will you let it change you? How does it challenge your thoughts, attitudes, behavior?

Prayer – Respond to God in prayer. Use the Scripture to guide you. Prayerfully think about what you read and. Commit to following God’s leading and ask the Holy Spirit to help you live out what you have found.

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