Daily Devotional

Week of January 24 - January 30


Sundays contain a Sermon Discussion Questions Guide (SDQ). 
Our Sermon Discussion Questions guides are designed each week to help inspire conversation, assist in guiding you through scripture and enhance your daily devotional studies.
It can be completed alone, but we would encourage you to walk through the lesson with a spouse, child, friend, neighbor, or your small group. 
Monday through Friday are SOAP devotional days. SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. Read the daily scripture provided. Write down some observations (things you notice) from the verse(s). Ask yourself, “How can I apply this verse to my daily life?” Complete the day by writing out a prayer pertaining to the daily scripture.




Printable SOAP Guides

Last Sunday's Message

01.24 - Lord Teach Me: To Confess
Align your life with His, as you seek out God's truths through His word, through scripture, and the bible. Fulfill the calling He has for your life and get excited because He’s not done; greater things are to come!

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