Meet Our Team

Lead Staff

Tim DeFor

Lead Minister
Tim has been with firstChristian since April of 2002. He became the Lead Minister in September of 2007. Tim preaches, leading the staff and working alongside the Elders in setting the direction of the church and overseeing pastoral care. Tim is married to Julie, and they have four children.  E-mail

Randall Coffin

Executive Minister
Randall has been serving as Associate Minister since 2007. He leads our small group ministry, as well as our other study groups, recruiting and training volunteers for these groups. He also organizes and administrates in several different areas. Randall is married to Lori, and they have two children.  E-mail

Greg Springer

Worship Arts Minister
Greg joined our staff as the Worship Arts Minister in June of 2007. Greg leads us in worship on Sunday mornings and oversees all areas of our worship arts including our praise teams and visual arts. Greg is married to Jess, and they have two children.  E-mail

Kiah Jackson

Next Steps Minister
Kiah  joined our team as the Next Steps Minister in 2020. Kiah is passionate about people and assisting people take their next steps as followers of Jesus.  He works  with our Serving Team and helping you find your fit at firstChristian. Kiah is married to Courtney  and they have 2 children. E-mail

Marshal Hardy

Youth Minister
Marshal started serving with firstChristian as a student at Nebraska Christian College in 2000. He joined the staff full time in May of 2004. Marshal leads a dynamic and life impacting ministry to students grades 5-12 and their families. Marshal and his wife Stacy have 3 children.  E-mail

Kristi Carmichael

Kid's Minister
Kristi has played an active role in our kid's ministry team since the early 2000's as a student at Nebraska Christian College. She joined the staff as the Kid's Minister in 2012 leading a powerful and active ministry to kids and their families. Kristi is married to Kirk, and they have three children.  E-mail

Scott McCord

Technical Arts Minister
Scott joined the team as our Technical Arts Minister in 2018 bringing many years of technical expertise in the areas of sound, lighting, and video. He provides technical support  for all our various ministries. Scott is married to his wife Keira.  E-mail

Steve Ball

Finance Director
Steve, a longtime active member of firstChristian, recently retired from Norfolk Iron and Metal serving as Chief Financial Officer. Steve joined the team as our Finance Director in 2018.  Steve is married to Bridgitte, and they have three daughters.  E-mail

Kaleb Anderson

Staff Resident
Kaleb began his staff residency at firstChristian in January 2019,  He will be serving/training in multiple ministry areas, assisting the staff and training volunteers. Kaleb is currently in school, finishing a ministry degree and is married to his wife Missy.  E-mail

Support Staff

Angela Sedlacek

Office Manager

Sarah Bauermeister


Jeremy Wiemann

Youth Assistant

Courtney Jackson

Kids Assistant

Zach Fuoss

Tech Assistant


Tim Pearson


Don Holloway

Steve Smith

Jim Hopkins


Brian Cordell

Vice Chairman