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CHALLENGE, every student to actively PURSUE a growing RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ, through various WORSHIP experiences, BIBLICAL teachings, SERVICE opportunities, and opportunities to FELLOWSHIP with other believers; ultimately resulting in growth towards SPIRITUAL MATURITY.

FUEL | Sunday Nights 6:30-8:00PM

Fuel is a program for Junior & Senior High students that meets Sunday nights throughout the school year. We have developed a unique rhythm of alternating between Gathering Big (meeting at the church building) and Grouping Small (meeting as small groups in homes). Here are the dates and locations for the fall.
 If you have any questions, use the button below to contact Marshal Hardy (Youth Minister).
September 2021
12th-Gather Big 6:30-8:00
19th-Group Small 6:30-8:00
26th-Gather Big 6:30-8:00
November 2021
7th-Gather Big 6:30-8:00
14th-Group Small 6:30-8:00
21st-Gather Big 6:30-8:00
28th-Group Small 6:30-8:00
October 2021
3rd-Group Small 6:30-8:00
10th-Gather Big 6:30-8:00
17th-Group Small 6:30-8:00
24th-Gather Big 6:30-8:00
31st-Group Small (Special Event) details to come
December 2021
5th-Gather Big 6:30-8:00
 12th-Group Small 6:30-8:00
19th- Barn Dance (offsite, details to be announced)

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